Pray Every Day for the ARC

  1. ARC Staff and their families.
  2. The ARC Board.
  3. The ARC Corporation and Committees.
  4. Churches and individuals that support the ARC financially
  5. The ARC Development Department.
  6. ARC Groups who will be coming for retreats, camps and conferences.
  7. Upcoming ARC camps, retreats and events.
  8. ARC finances.
  9. Speakers for each camp.
  10. Those receiving Christ for the first time.
  11. Those who have rededicated their lives to Christ.
  12. Those seeking physical rest.
  13. The Housekeeping Department.
  14. The Maintenance Staff.
  15. The Office Staff.
  16. The Guest Services Staff.
  17. The Kitchen Staff.
  18. ARC neighbors.
  19. ARC marketing efforts.
  20. Local churches using the ARC.
  21. Schools using the ARC.
  22. Those on Hermitage Retreats.
  23. Our A.A.V.’s (Volunteers).
  24. Safety for our guests and staff.
  25. Pastor’s and their families.
  26. The kids from local schools that work at the ARC.
  27. Families who attend ARC camps/events.
  28. Local merchants that supply the ARC.
  29. Local Non-profits who partner with the ARC.
  30. Local Bible Study/prayer groups meeting at the ARC.

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